5 Bedroom Decorating Design Tips To Comfort You

The bedroom is by far one of the most relaxing rooms in your entire house. This is where you rest, sleep, and enjoy a nice book before bed.

So why not make your comfort room even more comforting? In today’s article, we are going to break down some great tips and ideas to get the most our of your bedroom space.

1. Add Curtains

The first thing that you can do is add curtains to your windows. What that will do is bring the eye up higher, and make the room feel and appear a lot more bigger.

This is an economical option as well, since you can either go budget with your curtains, or spend a little more for better materials.

2. Incorporate Under Bed Storage

The bed is by far the biggest piece of furniture in the bedroom, so why not maximize the space by utilizing drawers underneath the bed.

Especially if you have a smaller space, or live in a condo, space is everything.

So by purchasing a bed with drawers underneath, or incorporating attractive boxes, you can hide away the smaller clutter items while not taking away from the comforts of the room.

3. Utilize A Headboard

While the bed is also the centre piece of the room itself, add some pop to it by incorporating a headboard.

You see, a headboard is not only about the functionality, such as leaning back while reading your favourite book at night. Its about the textures and colours that add to the decor and blends in with the other pieces of the room.

4. Use Mirrors

If you want to make any room of the house look bigger, especially a bedroom, include mirrors into the space.

Mirrors are not only great to check out that favourite outfit you are wearing before going to work, but it adds depth to the room, giving it the appearance of being bigger than it is.

5. Add A Bench

One of the most functional pieces you can include in your bedroom is a bench at the foot of the bed. If this is more of a chest design, you can capture a lot of extra storage space as well.

By including a bench, you are adding to the size and structure of the entire bed giving it more depth. As well, if you can match the colours of the bedsheets and bench itself, along with the headboard, this will turn out into a very attractive and calming piece of the entire room.

You don’t have to go overboard when it comes to the design of your bedroom. The bedroom should be your happy place, where you go to enjoy a great nights rest, and reenergize for the next day.

So its best to make it as inviting and comforting as possible by making it your very own.

About the author

Luda Artemieva is an imaginative artist and experienced architectural and interior designer. Having travelled around the world, she now resides in Vancouver, BC. Luda gathers inspiration through her affection to nature, art, culture and architecture. The miraculous ideas that she creates start from client's dreams and aim to help people in changing the quality of their lives. As a competent residential and commercial designer, Luda achieves this goal by involving numerous practical, analytical, artistic skills, a strong understanding of architectural fundamentals, and a multitude of different styles and techniques. Since 2003, Luda and her wonderful team of colleagues have created numerous projects that aimed to meet aesthetical and practical clients’ needs. These projects range from small city apartment renovations to newly built houses, offices and fashionable bars and restaurants.

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