Change is on the horizon for homeowners, developers, and investors in Burnaby, British Columbia. Recent zoning rule updates have paved the way for transformative developments, allowing the creation of laneway houses and secondary suites in semi-detached homes. This groundbreaking shift, inspired by successful initiatives in Vancouver, promises to reshape the real estate landscape in Burnaby....
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Whether you’ve built a home before or it’s your first time, getting inspiration for the build is usually the hardest part. Whether it’s deciding what style to go for or what kind of entryways you need, home builders of all types sometimes just need a little kick in the right direction. Here are some design...
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As we approach 2020, we get to speculate on what will be the biggest new trends in home design coming up. Will a classic make a comeback? Will modern takeover the scene once again? 2020 might feel like a decade away, but it’s right around the corner and we’re all excited to see what’s coming....
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Think about the nicest building you’ve ever been in. Maybe it was a museum with vaulted ceilings, white brick walls, and glorious archways. Or a modern library, with giant floor to ceiling windows, large metal support beams, and clean lines. Whatever your favourite building, we can all agree that architecture – both grand and over...
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So, you’ve just decided that you are, in fact, ready to remodel your home. It’s time to say goodbye to the weird closed off kitchen of the 60s and the carpet in the bathrooms and welcome a more modern, trendy design for your house. But between a cape cod summery feel, a cozy traditional layout,...
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So, you’re a remodelling addict and you’ve pretty much redone everything from your kitchen to master bath to the whole backyard. But arguably the most important room of your house still hasn’t been done because it just seems daunting to figure out the perfect layout. Though our living rooms tend to be the focal point...
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