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LVA Concepts offers interior design that’s made with your taste in mind with creative and unique ideas for every space.

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At LVA Concepts,

Our focus is you.

We know at LVA that when it comes to interior design it’s your space, your way.

By putting our attention on getting to know every unique client and concept, we ensure success and satisfaction every time.

Paint Colours

Space Planning and Drawings

We know that before any big revamp to a space, visuals are always best. That’s why every design comes with space planning and construction drawings for your information.

Colour and Material Selection

Sometimes it takes attention to detail to bring out the true character of an interior space. For every project, we work with each client to pick and choose colours and materials that go best with your vision.

Custom Furniture and Lighting

Looking for some very specific touches? Don’t worry, we can handle everything you dream up with our many custom furniture and lighting fixtures to fit any space.

Commercial Design

Looking for design outside of the home? We also offer commercial interior design for restaurants, bars, club, and retail stores.

Project Highlight:

West 38th Avenue

LVA Concepts team in cooperation with our incredible interior designer Barbara Tili is helping a young couple create a beautiful family home. 

We make average spaces into dreams come true.

At LVA Concepts, we pride ourselves on knowing how to bring together the right materials, pieces, and colour choices to make any space feel like a paradise in your home.

What is LVA Concepts?

We are an home and interior design company in the Lower Mainland. We provide services for residential and commercial buildings; we assist you with new constructions, renovations, interior layout alternations and decor.

How do we do things?

At LVA Concepts we do things differently. By having a wide range of talented and experienced interior designers on our team, we are able to combine architectural and interior design. We bring extensive knowledge of architecture, construction, energy efficient technologies, green design, heritage restoration and commercial renovation.

Why choose LVA?

Whatever your project: building a new home, renovating and branding your new restaurant, updating your house or office decor, the process can be stressful and sometimes frustrating. That is why you should choose us. You can trust not only our knowledge and experience in providing the best interior designs, but also our assistance through the entire project. We pick up the phone and answer your emails. We deal with all your concerns to make your experience better.

3D Rendering Done Right

We are also proud to offer 3D Rendering on request for all our more visual clients.

By using 3D house plans, we can help you get a better understanding of the final product and visualize how you and your family fit into it.

With different levels of 3D quality, from simple to high quality, we offer a vast amount of resources for all our clients.

A beautiful space is more than just furniture arrangement, it’s art.

From the many spaces we’ve designed, we know all too well that sometimes it feels like good interior design is just putting the right furniture in the right place. To us, and our amazing collaborations with top-talent designers, we ensure that every space is a work of art, bringing together furniture, colour, and materials for the final product.

By thinking of interior design as something more than just putting things in the right place, we make sure that every space speaks to your unique vision.

We listen to your dreams and aspirations so that every design is something you can love.

Heading into the future with green design.

We pride ourselves on being innovative and unique not only on our new home builds, but also how we design every space. That’s why we also offer green designs for every project.
Sustainable Materials
If you’re looking for sustainable or repurposed materials, we can integrate them into any space.

Alternative Fixtures and Pieces

We can also source pieces of furniture and lighting fixtures that meet your needs to help the environment and save you money in the long run.

We Speak Your Language

We take your ideas and aspirations for your home very seriously. That’s why we offer extensive consultations for every client on their home design ideas.

Needs Analysis

To make sure the space is perfect for you, we perform a needs analysis to identify priorities in every build.

Function Over Form

The primary principle of interior design is that every space should first have function, then form.
Material Selection

Above anything, we make sure that every material we select in any space saves you time and money. We work with interior design materials that we love because we know not only do they look great, but they are effective for all spaces.

Custom Pieces

Sometimes a custom furniture set isn’t just about how nice it looks, but what added functionalities it gives you. We can create pieces that give you more storage or open up your space, whatever your needs.

100% Local

We are experts on the BC Market

What makes us so good at what we do is that we understand the local industry like the backs of our hands. We have extensive interior design knowledge of BC Building Codes through our vast experience.

With local talent on our side, we also make an effort to source furniture and materials locally for every design.

New Build, Renovation, and Tenant Improvements.

We offer it all so every project is as easy on our clients as possible.

As customer satisfaction addicts, we pride ourselves in using our passion for home design to tailor every project to you.

Whatever your needs, LVA Concepts is here to make your dreams come true with your next design adventure.

Looking to design your dream home in Vancouver?

Give us a call and we can get started on your space together.

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