In the last decade, we have seen some of the most innovative and cutting edge uses of materials, shapes, and structures in the residential and public architecture industries. From the meshing of green technology and home design to the use of 100% recycled materials in office buildings and cultural institutions, we’ve seen it all in...
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Modern architecture was born in the 20th century, bringing with it clean lines, glass accents, and lots and lots of concrete. But what does modern architecture look like today? Well, 2017 will be a year of monumental structures like the Napoli-Afragola High Speed Train Station or the Zeitz MOCAA in Cape Town that are raising the...
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“Wood is the new concrete. Concrete is a 20th-century material. Steel is a 19th-century material. Wood is a 21st-century material.” There is a 9-floor building in the heart of London, called as the Stadthaus, designed in 2009 by a local architecture firm, Waugh Thistleton. There is something about this building that is remarkable. It is...
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Architecture can be many things; a physical representation of a movement or national feeling, designed purely for function, or a celebration or commemoration. As a result, buildings can come in many shapes, styles and sizes. From Jacobean to Brutalism, architecture has gone through a wide variety of changes over the years and is just as...
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Architecture can be beautiful. It can be impressive. It can even be thought-provoking. But have you ever thought of buildings as having the potential to be green? A new wave of architectural design has been formed in recent years, in response to a growing move towards sustainability in all walks of art and business. Green...
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